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President & Chair

Bordando Nuestras Raíces

Professional Profile


Violeta Suazo Sanchez is a Mexican immigrant born in Guerrero, Mexico, raised in the Mexican State of Michoacan. Since arriving in the United States, she has been a successful entrepreneur dedicated to distributing food products, a specialist in Mexican art and culture, an expert in exhibitions from general paintings, textiles, and ceramics, elaborated with an educational approach. A community leader by conviction and social tradition, with wide recognition in community leadership for Mexican migrant families in the United States. In  2001 she emigrated to the United States. In search of information for the educational preparation of her children, she got involved in the educational system; this allowed her to live the difficulties and school needs that Mexican mothers have, such as: Adapting to the language, lack of support, racial differences, lack of rights for migrants, etc. This experience is shared daily through institutional links with government representatives in education that support Mexican families living in the counties of San Bernandino and Riverside, California.


Suazo & Aguilar Distributor


From 2002 to the present, we started a new family business, dedicated to the commercialization of Mexican products, wholesale, with the purpose of having a stable source of income and a productive family work.  Over time we became Marketing Brokers for Post Brands, having the responsibility of distribution and supply in large chains in Southern and Central California, such as Winco Foods, Albertsons, Vallarta Markets, Northgate Gonzalez, El Super Markets, Superior Markets and independent chains.


CCIME Councilwoman


By popular vote she obtained the honorary position of Local Counselor for the Advisory Council of the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (CCIME), from 2006 to 2009, an organ of political representation of Mexicans abroad living in the Jurisdiction of the Consulate of Mexico in San Bernardino, California. One of the great achievements was to create the educational window in the offices of the Consulate of Mexico in San Bernardino CA.


HACER USA Social Club


President and founder of the HACER USA Social Club, with the goal of strengthening institutional links with the US government (Congressmen's office, Senate, Assemblymen, etc.) and local organizations by facilitating the advisory services available to our community, strengthening education, fostering art and culture, promoting our cultural identity.


Bordando Nuestras Raíces  


President and founder of the organization "Bordando Nuestras Raíces     ", seeks community involvement in support of art, culture and education, creating social ties and artistic and cultural exchanges to create stronger and more prosperous communities.


Violet's Ceramica(Mexico)


Owner and founder of "Violet's Ceramica", a company dedicated to the plastic arts, specializing in ceramics, both at the professional academy level as well as teaching and learning crafts. Established in the city of Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico, she has been able to develop community mechanisms of management and social agreement.

Violeta Suazo Sánchez

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