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Grupo Musical "Gato de Mar"

“Gato de Mar” is a group formed by Ernesto Trujillo (bassist), Geovanna Zuñiga (vocals and tambourine) and Octavio Catalán (guitar and vocals).

Our proposal: as Mexican singer-songwriters we maintain the versatility in all the compositions that take up the folklore of the musical genres such as trova, progressive rock, ballad, swing, blues. These compositions describe the living and intrapersonal situations that accompany the individual.

We seek to introduce a small part of our soul to anyone who feels identified with our melodies regardless of borders, real or fictitious, and become part of their thoughts.

+52 442 661 2039

Violeta Suazo Presidenta BNR California

Violeta Aguilar-Wyrick

Salvador Solórzano Photography and video

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